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Last weekend I went to the homecoming dance at my high school. I am a senior so this is my last year to attend the big dance. I have gone all of the other years in the past and had a great time. I get ready at my home then once I am finished we search for a friend’s house to take a million pictures together with our dates. Out parents take a multitude of pictures and we start to see stars within our eyes from all the digital camera flashes. We then take a limo bus to school and enjoy the night time with friends dancing and meeting new people. Last weekend, I was about to arrange for the big dance. I decided to step in the shower and turn on the water but it would not turn on. No water was coming out of the shower head or some of the sinks. I had no clue what was happening. It turns out that our drainage line was smashed. The pipes underground that supply the water indoors in our property were having major issues. This is a problem that I won’t be able to repair. They called a plumber, but there was no indication when the repair would be done. I had to run to my neighbor’s house to use his shower. The plumber showed up some hours later and inspected the water lines and plumbing. The problem ended up being a major one which cost my parents three hundred dollars. It was so unfortunate and terrible timing, but I still had fun at the dance nonetheless.

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I’m dying in this summer heat

My clothing style can best be described as “comfortable.” Take it from me, comfort is definitely among the most important things in your life. I work in an office area all day, so I need to look professional at work but being stationary at a desk all day long can become awful quickly if you aren’t wearing the correct clothing. I do attempt to find soft, comfortable clothing with breathable fabrics. The other side of the comfort flipside is warmth. In my office area, the AC unit is continuously always running. The AC unit makes the office pretty breezy, so I always have to be sure that I come dressed properly for the temperature so that I can stay comfortable. Also, I often like to go for a layered look, so a long sleeved dress with jeggings and a sweater are a good example. That type of outfit is comfy, cozy yet also looks professional. I find it much more difficult to dress properly for warm days outside. I never want to sweat, so again I will bring layers. If the temperature outside is really hot, I might wear a sleeveless dress along with leather sandals and bring a cardigan with me in case the breeze picks up. Also, during the summer months it is important to know that virtually any establishment you go in will have an AC unit running. Seriously though, there is nothing worse than being constantly uncomfortable while at your establishment of work. Temperature and heating and cooling units should not put a damper on your day!

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Enjoying the summer weather

Summer has at last arrived and I cannot be happier! I had purchased a small window air conditioner system back in the winter. The costs of these air conditioner systems have been relatively higher ever since I bought my own, so I guess that I bought the air conditioner system at the perfect time. In addition, my newly acquired air conditioner system has been really helpful lately. As I intended, I am cooking a heck of a lot more now and I have really become something of an expert. I am actually about to make my way into the cooking field as a career. A couple of months ago a good friend of mine who I was introduced to through a cooking seminar had hired  me to cook food for her engagement dinner party. Long story short, I ended up receiving great feedback on the food and on my presentation style. As a result,I have decided to start my own catering firm! At first I will be running my firm out of my tiny apartment’s kitchen, until I have the necessary capital to rent out a commercial building. However, with all this cooking and baking I am going to end up needing to put the pressure on my air conditioner system. Not only do I want the air conditioner system to keep my tiny apartment cool, but I need the ventilation that the air conditioner unit provides so that the stenches of all the foods do not sink into every inch of my house. This little air conditioner system will allow me to start my new job as a professional caterer even faster.

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The indoor environment

I can’t stand eating lunch in among the list of cafes at my school. They have excellent food, seriously it’s the most beneficial on campus. They make sandwiches, wraps, deep-fried food, anything you want they can make it for you. They also have truly great coffee. However, I can’t stand to take in the actual cafe section, I always have to take my lunch elsewhere to nibble on it. This is because the warmth is always blasting in generally there. As soon as you hike in, you’re hit with this immense wave of heat plus it’s actually a little bit sickening. This place is right adjacent to the gym, and most of the time people go there right as they workout, they do not envy sweltering hot while eating after having a workout! The grills and fryers with the back are already radiating more than enough heat, I don’t understand why you have to add more with turning the heat up all the way. At first, I thought that it was just the heat from your kitchen making it so unbearable, although it’s not. I felt one of many heating vents one time and that’s the foundation of the intense heat. I don’t understand why they don’t put the air conditioning on in there, especially during the summer times. It’s absolutely ridiculous. No one wishes be dripping sweat into their food while they’ve already lunch. And the poor employees! They have to sit there sweating all day long. No, they really need to getting a working air conditioner in there, or I’m sure people will just stop going because it’s so uncomfortable.

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How to do a drain cleaning

I was recently having problems with my drain draining. This problem just started recently, but I am afraid that it will deteriorate. After I wash dishes, as i pull the drain plug;  the water takes forever to release. I have tried taking apart the pipes right below this sink. There was no clog down there unfortunately. This means that there should be a clog further down in the pipes. I called in a professional plumber to complete the task. When he arrived he utilized a camera to explore the pipes and locate the clog. This operation would have taken me forever. Once he found the clog the plumber took apart that component of the pipe. He was using many tools that i have never even seen previous to this. I was trying to stay straight out of the plumber’s way, but I really wanted to see what was in my pipes. When he pulled out the blockage it was subsequently a big gob of stuff. I could not pick out what exactly had gone down the water lines. After that I left the plumber alone to put the pipes back together. That was a portion of the job that I had no curiosity about. When I went back upstairs I accidentally forgot that he had the pipes apart and that he started running water. When I heard a scream from down stairs I immediately knew what I’d done. I shouted an apology and turned off the sink faucet. Once this individual finished my drains were working perfectly again. I hope he is not too mad about me turning up the sink though.

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Getting your pipes un-clogged

My organization is the one who does most of the cleaning and errands in my home. I am one of four children. It is us and my parents under a roof. Sometimes, it can get like a madhouse around here. Everyone is always so busy and everyone’s plans conflict. It’s like nobody has any desire to spend time together. My mom should hire a cleaner for me. Since she is against that idea, I am the a person that keeps this home clean. My partner and i vacuum, do the laundry, wash the bathroom and make sure everything is in working order. If it wasn’t for me, this house would fall apart. My siblings claim they are too busy to aid but whenever they do possess some free time, they are always out with their friends or taking a nap in their room being lazy. I try my best to keep it clean around here, but at times it is hard. There are some things that I don’t know how to clean, for example the pipes and drains inside the kitchen sink. While doing the dishes, I noticed the water gets piling up and takes forever to actually go down the drain. It is a sign that the pipes are clogged up. Probably with old nasty food or something like that. I’ve tried getting a really good drain cleaner, but nothing gets results. I think it is about time to email a plumber. The drain is so clogged and we would be willing to hire an experienced plumber if it un-clogged the drain.

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Dehumidifier tips

My girlfriend and myself have been dating for awhile and things are going pretty good. My girl wanted to move in together really early on in our relationship, which made me nervous. I am a creature of habit and the last thing I wanted was my new girlfriend to ruin the great thing I have. Living with her has actually improved my life considerably. I eat way healthier now because she cooks for me. My apartment always smells clean because she’s constantly cleaning and spraying things. Also she just takes care of things I do not even notice. There is no mold in my air conditioner any longer since she cleaned it. I left the mold there because I just did not want to handle it. She also cleaned the mold from my bathroom as well. I have already been having issues with mold in my entire place. I just let it happen though. My girlfriend was grossed out and fixed it for me by getting us a dehumidifier. A dehumidifier removes excess moisture from the air. It can be built promptly into your HVAC device or be sold as a separate unit. The dehumidifier makes it so there is no more moisture on my walls or around my air conditioner. It has stopped mold growth entirely. Also when you can find less moisture, you are more unlikely that to have bug and pest issues too. I never would have thought of getting a dehumidifier. Even if I had, I definitely would not have bought one. This living together situation has been great.

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Air conditioning and humidity

A vehicle that has the ability to off road is a great thing to have. You can tackle any terrain that you come across while driving you and four friends in the comfort of a four wheel drive vehicle. It’s great until when the air-conditioner breaks when you are in the middle of a lengthy trip. I was driving from the southeast to the northeast on an 18 hour trip in the middle of July. About an hour and a half in, the air conditioning unit breaks down. We haven’t even left our home state. At this point, we really didn’t have time to generate a stop at an auto mechanic shop to fix our air conditioning equipment so we journeyed on within the 100 degree temperatures. We also thought that the further we went north the cooler it would get, but we were drastically wrong. The trip was hot and the temperature made it hard to concentrate. The sweat soaked shirts clung to our backs on the scorching leather seats. We rolled the windows down just for a breeze and to have some level of airflow. We bought gallons of water to avoid dehydration. You forget about air conditioning when you have it, but it becomes painfully obvious how important it can be when you don’t have access to it. By the time we arrived at our destination, we were so happy to get rid of the car. Then we took our vehicle to the mechanic shop for repairs. Once we got our car back from repairs, we could finally turn on the air conditioning. The hot summer days were finally bearable again.

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Why I love my air conditioner

I was visiting my college roommate in the Northeast during the middle of August. She lives downtown in a little single room apartment and lacks an air conditioning unit. She doesn’t have one because most of the year you don’t need that. During the summer most days really are a pleasant temperature and having your windows open is plenty fine. There are however a few weeks out of the year when the temperature is hot and extremely uncomfortable with no air conditioning in the apartment. Most of the days during my stay at the apartment I was sweating along with the heat was uncomfortable and made it so difficult to sleep at night. I feel, buying a small HVAC window unit is a good compromise. They are affordable to buy and installation and repairs associated with them are typically easy. It is something most people could install on their own and wouldn’t have to hire a HVAC technician to install the unit. This would be a great solution to have installed for the short period that having an air conditioning unit is necessary. There are a few drawbacks to having a window installed air conditioning unit versus a HVAC central air conditioning system. Window units are much more noticeable than central air conditioning units as they are typically installed in smaller spaces making it more visible. They also block views out the window as they take up almost all the window. HVAC central air conditioning units are far superior but keep in mind that a city in the north and having air conditioning over the hottest point in the summer is often a life saver.

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Air conditioner installation

Every summer my whole family hikes a very large mountain, we’ve got a list that we are working off from. We keep a family scrapbook and on every occasion we visit a new place we ensure that we get a post card or a brochure to add to our book. This upcoming summer we plan on going across the country and stopping at several National Parks. It was had been spring when my oldest tore his ACL in his soccer game after school with his buddies. He was such a good sport about this and was insisting on the rest of the family going ahead and taking our summer trip; he is in a wheelchair and following that on crutches for months. He said however he would just spend the time with his grandparents on the farm. As a family we decided it could be best if our summer was spent at home with a “stay cation”; our big cross country trip would wait until the following year. Spring flew right by and soon school was out for summer. By July fourth my son was miserable, so far it was among the hottest summers on record. He’s got his leg in a cast and may not go swimming. He just sat there along the edge of the pool watching his siblings and friends play in the cool water. My husband and I decided none of us could not stand to see our son so unhappy for the summer. Because, we did not go on the road trip we had some more money stashed away and figured a wonderful thing to spend it on could be a new HVAC system. Our furnace was less than efficient first off and we never had air conditioning.

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