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Camping during spring and fall can be one of the most enjoyable experiences to share with your children. It can be a sensible way to spend time together without cellular phones, tablets, and other annoying electronics like video game systems. If you live in a place with a mild winter, then camping is an activity that you can enjoy with the kids, even when the weather is often a bit chilly. A portable electric heater can certainly help your tent stay warm and toasty, even in the frosty, frigid nights when the temperature may drop below freezing. Electric heaters should have a thermostat and fan function. There are many different types for around twenty dollars. Typically, they have various speeds and temperature control options. One strategically placed space heater, can heat an entire ten person tent, to a comfortable 80 degrees. This is a great way to enjoy camping even when it’s freezing outside. If you prefer to undertake most of your tent camping excursions in summer, then the need for a heater won’t be your issue. There are a few portable air conditioning systems, but the majority of these will need to be ventilated outside, letting in much heat. If you prefer to do the vast majority of your camping in the the summer months, a better option would be to purchase an RV with the family. An RV will have some sort of furnace and an air conditioner, which will help to make camping a wonderful, fun experience all year. Either way, camping is a great way to connect with the kids and learn about new environments.

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I spent my childhood on an old farmhouse, part way through the middle of nowhere. Breakfast was promptly for 7: 00am, followed by a whole day’s worth of pulling weeds in the garden. In the summer when school was out, my brothers and I would have to wake up early in the morning before the sun was overhead, and start on our chores. If we didn’t start before the sun rose, then we wouldn’t finish on time. Once the sun’s damaging rays were directly overhead, the sun and heat were so oppressive, that there was clearly no way to finish chores after midday. That’s one of the horrible problems that I faced living on a farm. We never had any air conditioning, so during the day, there was no release from the heat outside. We had no HVAC system installed in such a small home. The only break we’d have from the sweltering heat wave, had been two oscillating fans that sat near the living room windows. My dad and mom used those two machines, and no other way to cool the home. When summer break would draw near, I used to wish we could go to our Aunt’s house. She had central heat and air conditioning. Not only did our Aunt completely spoil us and make us do zero chores, but we could relax indoors all day in a thermostat managed climate. I wish my parent’s would have at least purchased a dehumidifier for the house so it wasn’t so humid and sticky inside.  That would have at least helped a little.

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Used to my air conditioner

I love watching films and television shows in my room alone more than I would really prefer to admit. Lately, I started rewatching a period time show that takes place in the early 1920’s and focuses mainly on the issues occurring around and along with prohibition. I love seeing the many intricate details that go towards creating the sets and filming the scenes to be exact in that era. Everyone was always dressed professionally in sometimes a nice dress or full piece suit. I always cannot help however but to imagine how hot and sweaty they must all be. Not as stars, but as if they were really in the 1920’s without the perks of air conditioning everywhere. Think about driving around in the south without any air conditioning whatsoever. Their clothes were so heavy and covered them entirely no matter what month it was as well. I think everyone tends to take air conditioning and HVAC systems in general for granted. We simply press a button and wait for the air conditioning to lower by itself, without any effort on our end. We go from one air conditioned setting to the next. They only had the breeze from the air outside, or a floor fan to cool them at home. While some people did indeed have air conditioning at that time, it was not common for residents and homeowners to achieve the luxury. I know that I would not have the capacity to be ok if I did not have proper air flow during the summertime. I suppose it is perfect that I was not born before 1902 when the first air conditioner was built.

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Waiting in heat rewarding with cooling

I love visiting Ny city. I try to go all through all times of the year as they are all special in their own senses. However, I must say out of them all that summertime is my least desired. I am not exactly a fan of travelling in the heat, then walking below ground and waiting in the subway for my train. Sure, I could just get a cab or uber around to escape the heat, but that adds up. I try to cut back as much as I can and sadly having private drivers is not something that makes the list. I time the subway and wait above until one or two minutes before it arrives, you still sweat by the time the train arrives still. Once that train does arrive though, the train’s air conditioning temperature immediately cools everyone off. I immediately get chill bumps once inside. Sometimes I wear a little cardigan but then the other eighty percent of my evening doesn’t require one. There is an opposite effect for me in the wintertime where I love waiting in the subway but then sweat once I am inside. I wonder what kind of HVAC system the subway system uses because it always is working overtime for the travellers. They must have multiple HVAC technicians on waiting in case a repair is needed. Whatever the case may be, I appreciate the great amount of airflow that I get through the air conditioning while riding, even if I have to wear a light jacket.

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The air conditioner at construction sites

I couldn’t imagine working a job that involves construction. Every time I examine a construction job taking place, it seems like there is always someone not working. They have someone spreading out the blacktop directly in the sun with his heavy shovel. There’s another guy driving a tractor and rolling the cement flat. In high traffic areas, there’s another guy directing all the cars. The guy doing nothing is usually sitting in the truck parked to the side, doing absolutely nothing. I wonder how the other guys feel about this? Is the new guy stuck shoveling or holding the sign? Maybe everyone draw straws on who is required to work. The men in the vehicle’s genuinely have the better luck of the drawl. At least they’re shaded from the hot sun. Next, you know they have some sort of A/C. The guy rolling the cement in a tractor might not be so lucky. Sometimes the equipment is so old that the cooling system has gone out of order, or there isn’t one. That vehicle usually has open sides too. So, any of that cool air would just leave the vehicle. The guy who just sits in the truck and watches is within the best position. He has temperature control at his fingertips, and can relax while everything else gets done. Do the other construction guys not want air conditioning? How do they make it possible for one guy to slack off? He can’t be on break for that long. Maybe he is the boss and his one request is to be cool at all times.

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Temperature adjustements

We love to take vacations, both long and shorter. As we prepare to vacation, I make lists. I list all the items we need to pack. My second list is always everything we need to do before we leave the house. This list includes things like getting the trash, locking the doors, watering the plants, and adjusting the thermostat for our trip. I usually do pretty good about getting my list accomplished, but in the rush to get out the door, I more often than not forget to adjust the thermostat. Our property we live in now provides a smart thermostat which has wiped out my problems. As long as I have my phone or tablet I am able to connect to my smart thermostat. The thermostat is also smart enough that the app can tell me if we have any kind of error with our HVAC unit and will give me a code so that the HVAC repair service can know the problems before they even arrive. Recently, we were on vacation for two weeks and of course, I had forgotten to adjust the thermostat previous to us leaving. This trip was during the winter. In the south, it can be pretty warm and get down to freezing temperatures all inside the same week. I got out my smartphone while on the road and turned on the thermostat app. I could tell it was cold and modified the heater or air conditioner as needed. Our HVAC unit and smart thermostat work great together. The temperature can be arranged and changed from anywhere. Whenever we were headed home from vacation, I turned up the temperatures on my smart thermostat to guarantee it would be cozy and warm as soon as we walked through the doorway.

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HVAC contractor at family events

One weekend a year my family and I all get together. Every summer around the end of July when the weather is very hot together with humid our family likes to hold a reunion. I feel our reunion developed into a very big success however, when it comes to the weather it wasn’t as great. We tried to aim for the end of July because the weather is normally very awesome, sunny and humid. We like when it is hot outside because we possess a pool and all of the kids and sometimes adults wish to go in there to cool-down. It turned out that since it was so humid, severe thunderstorms along with rain happened. There were storms for hours on end so we had to move the entire party inside of my home. My home is rather big since it was easy for 25 individuals to fit into my home. Unfortunately, I wished that this wouldn’t happen because I’ve been having some serious problems with my HVAC system. I recently had my HVAC technician purchase a new system. This new system is notably more modern than my ancient HVAC system. My HVAC system is too big for my home. Because I have a larger home, I sense my HVAC system was measured too large. Because it was measured more prominent, my HVAC system keeps running more regularly. This can be a troubling problem for HVAC systems that will be measured too big because they waste lots of energy and money because they’ve been consistently on. I have to contact my local HVAC technician to see if they have a way to fix the system.

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Owning old HVAC

My brother is definitely a bargain shopper. He absolutely loves to go and find the greatest deals possible. He just got a hardly used four wheeler for only three hundred dollars. I always tell him to try and find me a good deal for things I will use in my home. I was speaking on the phone with him last night and he informed me that just recently he had some serious difficulty with his HVAC system. He went back-and-forth conversing with a local HVAC provider to see the sort of solutions that would be perfect for his home. His HVAC provider gave him a list of HVAC systems that would be best for his home. His HVAC provider sized and also measured the HVAC system in case he wanted to look for cheaper HVAC systems. My brother had a money problem with the HVAC systems that his HVAC tech suggested he buy. The HVAC systems were extremely high-priced and were way over his family budget. My brother decided to use the internet and try to see if he could get a good deal on an HVAC system. A couple of days after he talked to this HVAC technician, he found a lower priced system that was the same size as his original HVAC unit. The only problem was that it wasn’t new. He called his HVAC technician to find if using a used HVAC system would be alright. His HVAC technician told him that it was probably not his best option and that he should go with replacing his old unit with a brand-new HVAC system instead.

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No air conditioning at work

When the air conditioning is running at my job, there is always a faint humming sound. It is often hard to hear, but it is usually there, as a slight background hum. We know when we hear that sound that we’ll be in nice cool air conditioning during the next eight and a half hours while everyone works. Last Monday was an awful day, however. It was 92 degrees outside and really humid. The office thermostat was set at a comfortable 70 degrees and everyone was happy. Suddenly, the room grew silent – where was that wonderful humming sound? People did start to panic. The air conditioning unit had stopped running! Did it just switch off because it had reached the suitable temperature? Did it break? Just how long would the air conditioning be shut off for? Would we all overheat? We called our maintenance man on the fourth floor and told him that he had to come check it out. One of my buddies out of the office does HVAC unit repair privately, so I called him over too, to come investigate it. The maintenance guy was the first one there. He looked at the equipment, shook his head and slowly walked away. That was never promising! The office started to get  hot and almost humid. The luckier people who had desk fans started to turn them on. Forty-five minutes went by and still no word on what was really happening and why the air conditioning was no longer working. 82 degrees and climbing. Once my friend finally showed up, the air conditioning was back on in a matter of minutes. His specialization in HVAC repairs really paid off! Blessedly, the familiar sound of the air conditioner was back and, yes, it was back to work for all of us..


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Why is it that the doctor’s office is never a comfortable environment? The plain white walls, old brown chairs, and dusty outdated magazines give off a cold and empty feeling. Along with the stuffy aesthetics of the office, it’s also always freezing cold inside! Nobody wants to be at the doctors in the first place, so why not make it as comfortable and enjoyable as possible. The freezing temperatures just make everything worse than they need to be. I will never understand why they set the thermostat to such a low setting. I always notice that the nurses are bundled up in their scrubs and usually wearing a sweater. Can they not adjust the temperature themselves? I can’t think of any reason as to why they would make it so chilly. Even the doctor’s hands are cold. I know it’s not just the HVAC system in my personal doctor’s office, because it’s chilly in every medical center I step into. I wish they could adjust the temperature by 5 or 10 degrees, that way it would be better for everyone. Sitting in the lobby isn’t even the worst part, it’s when the doctor makes you undress and put a gown on. Then everything becomes even colder than before. I’m not sure what kind of HVAC system they have installed, but I’m definitely going to look the next time I have an appointment. Either they need to have an HVAC professional come take a look at it, or they need to upgrade. I wonder how many patients ask for them to adjust the temperature? It has to be a lot, because I know I’m not the only one who freezes.

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