Leaving cooling repair til later

Last summer, I ended up paying a very large repair bill because of a problem with my air conditioner. If I had called an HVAC professional in the spring, for seasonal maintenance, I probably could have avoided the malfunction. If I had scheduled a repair as soon as I noticed an issue while using the cooling equipment, the bill might not been so high. Hoping to conserve a little money, I neglected to have the air conditioner properly cleaned, tuned, and adjusted before the start of the season. Once the conditions turned hot and humid, I started the air conditioner and it sounded odd. There was a slight sound, that I decided to ignore. The hum became gradually more louder, and eventually turned into some sort of high-pitched screech. I turned down the fan speed, hoping to ease the annoying noise, but the idea didn’t really help. Shortly thereafter, an unpleasant smell began to waft through the HVAC supply vents. It smelled a lot like a dirty fish tank along with gave me a headache. We sprayed air freshener and lit some scented candles, but there was no escaping the odor. Inside of a day or two, the air conditioner was no longer turning ob, and my house ended up being overheated. I lowered the thermostat by several degrees, and within sixty minutes, the air conditioner quit entirely. Because I failed to call for repairs right now, the damage to components was way more extensive. A whole bunch of parts must be replaced, and it took the HVAC technician days to complete the repair.

air conditioner repair

New ac should be ductless

I really would like to have air conditioning.  I used to reside in the north where it is normally chilly for most of the year.  My family never bothered with central a/c. It just was not necessary or worth the investment. It seemed ridiculous to invest in air conditioning for such a short season of heat and humidity.   Now that I have moved to  the deep south, I have a cooling system and it is a priority.  I realy on it for most of the year, especially because  I am finally working from home. However, the other day, my air conditioner suddenly quit on me. The HVAC technician informed me   that it was broken down for good. I needed to upgrade to a new system. He asked if I wanted the same type of system again, and I told him no. I wanted to research online and look into  something better. There is more than one type of cooling system available. It is a major consideration whether or not the a/c system needs HVAC ducts or not. My house does not currently have air ducts. So I have decided to go ductless with my cooling equipment. Most ductless models are either a heat pump or a mini split system. The heat pump can be used for heating and cooling requirements in the home.  The heat pump takes heat energy and moves it to either the indoor device or outdoor unit. However, it is only effective in outside temperatures above thirty degrees since it draws from ambient heat. This is not a concern since I am residing in the south. But I have to admit, I am leaning toward a ductless mini split air conditioner. I can set it up to cool a single or multiple rooms in the house. These systems are compact and versatile.

ductless cooling

New AC-ductless multi split

I love having a modern air conditioning system. I  lived in the way north of the country for many years.  The climate was chilly for most of the year.  Because of this, my family never had central air conditioning. It just was not required or even wanted. It seemed pointless to buy an air conditioning system to use for a couple months out of the year.  Since I now live in the deep south, I have a leading-edge cooling unit and I love it. I use it most of the time, especially because I work from home.  Last Saturday,  the air conditioning system quit on me. The HVAC company told me it was not worth fixing. They said that I needed to a whole new system. He asked if I wanted the same type of equipment,  and I told him I was ready for something better. I wanted to look online and find something with more features and a higher SEER rating. There is lots of options for air conditioning. A huge factor is whether or not the air conditioning system needs air ducts or not. My home does not have air ducts installed. So I am going ductless with the air conditioner I purchase. Most ductless options are a heat pump which combine heating and cooling into one system.   A ductless heat pump moves heat energy from the indoor unit to the outdoor unit, and can reverse operation. However, it only works well in temperatures down to 40 degrees. This is not a problem, since I am located in the south. But I have decided on the the ductless mini split air conditioning system. It can be set up in a single day, with little renovation, and provides energy efficient cooling.

ductless multi split

New AC-going ductless?

I am the happy owner of a new cooling system. I used to live in the northeast, where it is cold most of the year.  While growing up, my family never had central air conditioning. It just was not something we needed for comfort.  It seemed unnecessary to buy an expensive cooling system to run it for a couple months  out of the year.  Because I now live in the south, I have invested in a modern and efficient cooling unit.   I prefer the warm weather.  I run my air conditioner for most of the year.  I currently work from home. However, a few months ago, my old  cooling system quit on me. The HVAC technician I hired for repair told me it was better to replace it. I needed to invest in a new system. He asked if I was happy with the same exact model again, but I wanted to upgrade.  I then researched online for something more energy efficient. I discovered that there is more than one type of cooling system. Having ductwork or not is a big factor. My home building does not a duct system, so I am going to stick with ductless cooling. Some ductless units are actually a heat pump. The ductless heat pump can be used for heating or cooling in the home.  It works by finding heat energy and pumping it from one place to another, depending on heating or cooling mode.  The heat pump only works well in outside temperatures above thirty  degrees. This is not a factor because I am in the south. I am planning to purchase a ductless mini split cooling system. The newer mini splits are super efficient, quiet, and provide advanced air filtration.

ductless mini split

Need new cooling system

I recently invested in a new cooling system. I lived up north for a long time. It was cold basically all year round, and my family never bothered with a central air conditioner. It just was not something we needed. It did not seem cost-effective to buy air conditioning for maybe three months of heat and humidity.  When I moved to  the deep south, I invested in a cooling system.  I bought a basic ductless model.  I use it every single day, because I work from home.  About six months ago, the cooling system quit on me. The HVAC contractor recommended that I not fix it.  The cost was too high.  He said I needed to get a new system. He asked if I was happy to buy the same type of cooling unit  again.  I was hoping for something more technically advanced. I looked around online, and found out that there are lots of innovative options.  While there is more than one type of cooling system,  I can’t have a system that requires HVAC ducts.  I have an older house that does not have HVAC ducts. I am going ductless with my cooling equipment once again. Some ductless HVAC units are actually a heat pump.  A heat pump supplies heating as well as cooling.  The system can reverse operation and find heat energy outside and pump it into the house.  These systems work best in a region with  temperatures that remain above thirty degrees. This is fine for me, because  I am living in the south. Because of the costs, however, I will stick with ductless air conditioning.  I will upgrade to inverter technology for superior comfort and energy efficiency.

AC system

Need a new air conditioner-thinking of ductless mini split

I love owning an air conditioner. I used to live in the way upper north where it is cold basically all year. My family never had central air conditioning. It just was not needed or even wanted really. It seemed silly to by a A/C system for maybe one month out of the year. Now that I live in the deep south, I have a cooling system and I love it. I use it daily when I am working online. However the other day the air conditioner quit on me. The HVAC contractor told me that it was down for good. I needed to get a new system. He asked if I wanted the same system again and I told him no. I wanted to look online and see if there is anything better. There is more than one type of air conditioner. A big thing is if the A/C system needs ductwork or not. My apartment building does not have air ducts. So I am going ductless with cooling. Most ductless HVAC options were a heat pump or a mini split system. The heat pump can be used for heating and cooling in your home. What it does is take heat energy and move it to either the indoor unit or outdoor unit. However it only works in temperatures up to 40 degrees since it needs heat energy. This is not bad since I am in the south. But I have to admit, I am partial to the ductless mini split air conditioner. You can set it up in a single room for cooling. No ductwork, not dust and it is really cute too.


Clothes are more important than heating and air

Opening my closet door is similar to opening a portal to another dimension. All of my garments are intentionally extravagant and strange. I have been collecting eccentric clothes for nearly twenty years now and never get rid of any of it. I have a home in a big three bedroom dwelling alone with my extensive clothing collection. When I talk about opening my closet door, I mean opening one of the many doors to one of the extra bedrooms, which are both packed on the gills with cool get ups. The best part is that a lot of these clothes are from old shops or they were hand-me-downs from my dad. Now, in order to be able to wear whatever I feel like, my HVAC system has every the right conditions within my house to suit my preference. My thermostat is located centrally in the house so that I can control it with the hand thermostat remotes I have kicking around. Furthermore, if I must wear a heavy fur overcoat, I don’t have to air condition an entire house to crazy cold temperatures, I can simply opt to make use of my HVAC zone control to include and target one particular section of the house, where I then just spend my day. My climate control system flows on 1750 volts of electricity to allow for the extra special HVAC options and cooling and heating rates of speed. This is pretty easy to accommodate, in case you’d like a comparable climate control setup, simply jerry-rig 7 separate 250 volt outlets together and enjoy your HVAC bliss!

gas furnace

App used for heating and air

Cell Phones are so smart now. They are able to do almost anything. I have been an apple customer now for up to 7 years. I love my apple because the device is so simple and straightforward while using apps and everything on it. I cannot believe how easy to it is. Lately, I have been trying out my apps in addition to everywhere I go I ask if he or she have an app. It is normally addicting. The latest app I opted to get was the app that controls most of the electricity in my house. I will turn off the lights, AC, anything inside of the home from my phone. I can also lock/unlock the doors. Yesterday I attempted to turn off the air from my phone. When I got home the air was still on and I could truthfully not turn it off. The temperature kept dropping and also the house kept getting colder. I woke up the very next day and called an HVAC technical assistant. The technician evaluated the unit and even took a peek at the app I had been using. To my surprise, the app was the reason my HVAC unit were working properly. The HVAC technician came in and turned the unit off to check the idea. The wires were in place, the vents were clean but there had to be a trigger near the thermostat that wasn’t working. Once the thermostat part had been addressed the needle the temperature increased with the temperature the HVAC technician specify it on. We waited for 15 minutes to see everything that the technician had fixed. The temperature increased to a good thermature that made everyone sense safe. I was able to redownload the phone app to stay energy efficient and turn the environment off when I am possibly not home.

climate control

Working on the heating system

My boyfriend is a very frugal person. He is the wisest people I know on the subject of money. I cannot believe the amount of cash he was able to save by staying home with his mom, saving his pharmacy checks and purchasing a credit recovery business. He has taught me a great deal about finances. I have learned learn how to save, invest and next maybe invest in the markets. Last week he took me to the maserati dealership with him to look at cars. It was so cold I was unable to think. I couldn’t believe they have the temperature so poor, it was not comfortable enough for customers to make a fun purchase. The manager stated that an HVAC technician was in the way of working on the maserati dealerships thermostat because they could not move the needle from cold to comfortable. The HVAC technician was not able to provide any temporary heat while he was working on the heater. The salesman ended up being layered in coats and leather gloves. I could not believe people were still buying cars and coming to the business with a broken thermostat. There seems to be not a furnace, fireplace or space heater to warm-up the floor. Women were turned away by the cold, it didn’t affect the men though. The HVAC technician was doing work as fast as he might and I was stuck truth be told there with my cheap boyfriend who had chosen to buy a quattroporte. I was in shock, his brain must have been frozen. I made my way yo the car and blasted the warm heater. The heat inside was fixed it also took some time for the complete floor to warm up. The HVAC technician waved once we drove away in a shockingly hot new ride.

HVAC business

Left out furnace

My mother always informed me that whatever goes around comes around. If you ask us, that statement has rung authentic my entire life. Let me start at the start of my story, with an abandoned building and then a broken furnace. It was a building that had been in the family for an age. My great-great grandpa had owned land here before the city was a city, and before everything became department shops and skyscrapers, he had built a warehouse to store the plant life he farmed. Years went as a result of, and the warehouse was become an apartment building, when the main HVAC system was installed. That was about thirty or forty years ago, and since then, the building has become abandoned. With the passing of my father, I inherited that building, and the broken HVAC unit along with it. Well, I had nothing better to do, so I went on the subject of renovating the building, tearing down walls, building new ones, and finding an HVAC provider to replace the old system. Thankfully, I managed to get it all done, and thought I would use the building as a homeless shelter, so as to give food, shelter, and good air conditioning, heat, climate control, humidity control, and air purification to the homeless. And even after income and effort to fix the building, I decided to work there to boot. And sure it is a great deal of work. But I love it more than anything. To this day, I look at the sky, wondering if my great-great granddad is looking down on me, proud of what went around, and thus came around.

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