Should always have cooling at the spa

As a wedding present, my husband and I received a weekend getaway to a local health spa. My husband is a carpenter by trade so the idea of things like, couples massages, seaweed wraps, and facials just weirds him out.  He was willing to be a good sport and go anyway and I was really looking forward to a weekend of relaxation after the wedding.  We arrived on a Friday night and checked into our suite.  We had a wonderful dinner out under the stars and turned in early.  The next day, we planned our activities over breakfast.  By 10:00, the sun was high in the sky and it was really getting warm out.  I was definitely ready for my massage in the air conditioned spa.  As we opened the door, however, we were welcomed by a wall of hot air.  My husband was not happy and asked the desk clerk if there was a problem with the HVAC system.  The clerk, who was sweating also, said that the system had broken over two weeks ago and the manager was not willing to pay to fix it.  I worried that with all the heat and humidity that there must be mold growing by now in the place.  The idea of laying on a table in my birthday suit was not appealing to me at all.  We couldn’t believe that there was no health code regulations that were being violated by not fixing the HVAC system.  We opted to head to the outdoor pool instead and even checked out early to head home.  At least at our own house, we knew that the HVAC system worked and that the place was clean.  I made sure to write a review on every travel site to warn people about the place too.  

heating and AC

Solar energy for cooling

I’ve been living in a rural region the country for a long time on a small. I have learned a lot of stuff about farming, environmental sustainability and living off of our own land that I am constantly amazed at how easy it is to protect our environment. Since we first came out here, we have simply been using stationary ceiling fans for our cooling needs in the summertime and in the winter we use a wood burning oven, but with the climate changing on a day by day basis, I have noticed our summers are becoming hotter and our winters are getting colder. Our old ways of heating and cooling aren’t working anymore and I knew I was going to be required to research all our options. From solar powered HVAC heating and cooling units. I was sure that windowpane box air conditioning units and portable, rolling electric heaters would be the least energy combined with the most cost efficient source of HVAC for this farm cottage. So, I decided I needed to get an HVAC provider out to the house to assess all our alternatives and our specific needs. I was surprised to learn that by putting up multiple solar panels, we could actually support an HVAC unit, and generally if the weather was poor we had the option actually back it up with sure power. We still need to keep up with the air filters and do regular maintenance checks, but overall we’re really happy with the options we have chosen for our farm.

AC repair

A/C is in our car

I’m currently living on the south west coast where the weather may be scorching 99% of the year. And to make matters even worse you can find yourself sitting in traffic almost daily. I loathe traffic. On really hot days while sitting in the absolute worst traffic of in history, I dream of moving to the tiny little town of my dreams, where you can drive to the grocery store in less than five minutes and be right back home in ten! My car can be described as a mediocre car, but the the one thing I make certain to closely monitor is my air conditioning. I can’t even begin to imagine what it would be like if I had to drive on those hot freeways without having any cooling system. I check the cooling fluid often, and when I service my car I make sure to clean out the air filters, check the ductwork and if needed replace faulty parts. The temperature control is pretty adequate and stays nice and cool usually, but recently I could tell it was eventually going to die. I would turn it on and find it could take up to ten minutes to even begin to feel the cool air coming through the air vents! I was getting extremely worried for my health. I took it into a car shop and asked them to look at the entire cooling system to work out what the problem was. Sadly there was nothing he could do. The vehicle model is so old that they can’t even replace the parts anymore. It wasn’t even on the subject of replacing the system, if I wanted an air conditioner I would definitely need to buy an completely new car.

air conditioning device

The baby needs quality HVAC

My husband plus I got married 3 years ago. It was pressing for us to be married for a while before all of us had children. Every one of us wanted to travel the world plus had dreams to accomplish before all of us added the cost of children into our lives. So about 4 weeks ago all of us decided it was the right time to go ahead and try to have our first child. I am so excited to say that all of us are expecting a baby this fall!!! I am so ecstatic to be a mom and recognize our husband can’t wait to be a father either. I started reading pregnancy books.. I wanted to have the whole home ready when the baby came so all of us wouldn’t have to worry about anything. One of the most pressing things I found about raising a new baby was to make sure your Heating, Ventilation as well as A/C idea was ready, this was something I undoubtedly didn’t even consider before. I learned that there are several steps you need to take to be sure that your home and your A/C and heater are ready. The first is to have an Heating, Ventilation and A/C professional come to look at the house to make sure that everything is actually working correctly and there are no dangerous leaks in the HVAC system or electrical issues. Once you do this you need to make sure to schedule preventative appointments with a Heating, Ventilation as well as A/C dealer. After doing this you have to make sure the air filter for you air conditioner is changed at least every couple of weeks to avoid mold plus dust going through your house and hurting the baby.

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Should have gotten AC

Two weeks ago I attended our little cousin’s graduation ceremony. My parents were undoubtedly proud plus insisted that our whole family attend the event and reception at our home afterwards. Of course I am proud of our little cousin, although I find the whole graduation a little crazy, and not because he isn’t a smart kid, however because he is graduating from preschool. On the afternoon of the preschool graduation, all of us loaded up the whole family into the van plus drove to his school. He attends a quaint little school that is 3 blocks from the beach, so I was expecting that the Heating, Ventilation as well as A/C idea would be up plus running perfectly to deal with the humidity. It was the middle of August.  However, this was not the case when all of us arrived. The auditorium at the school was over packed plus everyone had to stand. It was bad because I could tell the A/C was running, I could recognize the cool air coming from the Heating, Ventilation, and A/C vents but the system was struggling to keep up. I was so distracted by the heat that I forgot to pay attention when our little cousin walked across the stage. I was covered in sweat. Not long after I decided I could not take the heat anymore. Everyone around looked so uncomfortable. I wanted to take matters into our own hands so I got up and started to look for someone that might be able to control the Heating, Ventilation as well as A/C system. I finally found someone that had access to the control component and they were able to turn the temperature down!

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Air conditioner error at the wedding

You wait all your life that one special morning. One day where you discover you are all prettied up along with the one day where all eyes are upon you. It’s the closest to becoming a real life princess and you want nothing to even come close to ruining it at all whatsoever. So, imagine then, when all your dreams and worse all your hard earned cash since twelfth grade come to a sudden halt when a  sudden heat wave breaks out in what has been an extremely balanced climate. Your once perfect wedding is actually having to vie with weather issues, uncontrollable heat and your dream place that simply isn’t set up for such air conditioning needs as it’s often an exceptionally basic climate controlled place. The ceiling fans that once worked adequately are a total failure and we are all left fighting to find an answer. There really is no way possible that portable box window air conditioning units would work good enough let alone help in this kind of situation with such a huge community centre, so we were quickly getting scared. We finally decided to dial a local HVAC provider in our area to help assess our issue, since the venue itself had been of no help whatsoever, saying this wasn’t their responsibility since they provide fans. We found out you can rent giant portable fans that will give off a strong fascinating breeze and air conditioning effect! Which means, with this as our only hope, we decided to test it out. But, in the end, there was no choice left for us but to assign the venue a poor rating.

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Indoor camp HVAC

I actually was so excited to graduate from elementary school. I am not sure about anyone else, but I felt those extensive eight years of Catholic private grade school would just not end. All I looked forward to that year was the freedom I knew was at secondary school and the freedom that was there for me at my house. When you graduated in our family, you had to get summer jobs to start helping out more with the cash since we originate from a super huge family. My older sisters hated this idea, but I couldn’t wait to work for my own money! My first job turned out to take place at a YMCA indoor camp building. I was in charge of the younger kids in the childcare location while their older siblings performed the more structured activities. Well, after the primary day I never could imagine how much I loved being outdoors! The YMCA can be described as a big structure with a lack windows. The childcare room was a closed, moldy and stuffy area that had processed air gusting through the air conditioning vents. It was so stupendously hot and I couldn’t discover how this was good for the younger kids. I enquired to my supervisor about this, who said they were on a small budget and weren’t able to have consistent HVAC checks to maintain the cooling system. It was apparent that the air vents were clogged and were in need of new fresh air filters so the cold air would actually circulate through frosty, instead of the hot heat that was clearly blasting like fire. I filed an official complaint, which was risky considering I was very new, but I couldn’t  breathe the air and I could only just imagine how the babies were feeling! They needed to fix this HVAC unit right now.

HVAC technology

Fixing In Home Humidity

Since living on my own, I have learned a variety of things. From hacks to finances, I have learned just about everything there is to learn. There are a few things though, that I am still trying to figure out how to conquer. One being the humidity in my house. I have a hard time controlling the humidity. As much as I love my house, I am worried that the humidity levels inside are going to ruin more than just my hair. Over the course of four years, I have purchased and thrown out ten different dehumidifiers because they cannot keep up with my house. I have contemplated calling an HVAC company to come check out my house, but am worried about the cost. They might also give me bad news that there is no dehumidifier strong enough to deal with the humidity in my house. Sometimes, I think that the only way to decrease the humidity is to install an A/C unit and ventilation system.  At least an A/C might be able to take some of the stress off of the dehumidifier to help it run less often. With an A/C and dehumidifier running often, I can only imagine how much it will increase my monthly bills. Not only that, but installing a new air conditioning system with a new dehumidifier will probably cost a fortune! If I am going to be serious about controlling my indoor air quality, I will have to cough up the money and invest in some new HVAC equipment. If not, I will be suffering for a lifetime from humidity and poor indoor air quality.

air quality

Not Used to A/C

Recently, I just installed a brand new air conditioning system. I have never been a fan of central A/C because I think it is unnecessary and too cold, but a friend of mine swore by her own system in her house. So, I decided it might be a good idea to update the HVAC system now, before the house loses any more value as the time goes on. At first, I was reluctant to spend so much money on something I knew I wouldn’t need. But after researching and viewing several different systems, I found one that was perfect for my house. When the HVAC company came to my house to install the system, I almost wanted to tell them that I was going to cancel the installation. I somehow found a way to calm myself down and understand that the update was good for the future. The installation was quick and easy, and I was shocked that the central A/C was so simple to use. I learned the ins and outs of the new air conditioning and was able to use it as I pleased. However, during the first two weeks of running the central air in the evening, I found that I was waking up in the middle of the night to add layers of clothing because I felt too cold. I soon learned that I needed to adjust the thermostat before heading to bed for the night to a warmer setting. That way, the air conditioning runs throughout the day but shuts off during the night when I sleep.


Smart A/C


My sister adores all things modern. She follows changes in technology the way ants follow sugar. She was the first person in our family to own a regular cell phone and when that was replaced by the smart phone, she immediately replaced what she had with what was newer. The money she spends on these gadgets would probably be enough to buy her a house.

         Now she wants a smart thermostat. I never knew such a thing even existed. For years my family has depended on our HVAC system for cool air in summer, and heat during the winter months. It has held up very well because we know the importance of proper maintenance. At least twice a year, we call our HVAC provider to schedule a visit from an A/C repairman. The technician changes filters, cleans ducts and coils, and generally checks to make sure everything is functioning well.

         According to this sister of mine, a smart thermostat will work with WiFi and can therefore be connected to a smartphone. So if and when she convinces the rest of us to go in with her on this idea, my sister will have a new source of fun with her newest smart phone. She must have a screw loose! Our present air conditioning unit works just fine. Can she guarantee that this smart thermostat will adequately supply our cooling and heating needs?

          I like the HVAC system we now use and I am not going to join her in replacing it. I will just have to convince the others to take my side.