Selling good HVAC equipment

I have never imagined, in my craziest dreams, that I would become a used car sales person when I got older. However, I am here, 35 years aged plus truly working the used car lot. It is truly a good job though. Plus, there are many incentives to truly working at our identifiable car shop. For starters, our crew here is genuinely tight-knit plus friendly. There are no sketchy or shifty gentlemen on our lot. Also, every one of us get good employee incentives like free repair services plus oil changes at just the cost of the supplies; You also begin to notice what truly matters to customers when they are looking for a vehicle. Some folks shop strictly for flashy glamour. Others look for more identifiable  things. This one patron only cared about temperature control… she came in last weekend and every other word she spoke was somehow Heating as well as A/C plan related. She did not love the color, the make, or the age of the car, only what heating plus cooling plan it had plus how reliable it had been. She told me that she found the temperature control to be so important because her time in her car was the major part of her day. Air conditioning was essentially the only worry and, since she had to sit in five o’clock traffic each day, the air conditioner had to be a dependable, trusty friend. I wondered for a bit, before I pointed her to the best Heating as well as A/C equipped car. It was a relatively simple sale because it was the exact car I use. I guess the climate control was top notch, so I could sell it simply plus honestly.

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HVAC installation

The summer seasons can be difficult around here, because we always have to run the A/C system. Starting at first of April, we use the A/C system for six months. There are often times, that any of us are still using the A/C system during the holidays. Last summer, the A/C is working sluggishly, so we contacted the local HVAC provider. A technician came out to see our system, and delivered some bad news. We would must upgrade our HVAC system prior to a next summer season. Now that the season is almost upon us, so we have begun looking at the different HVAC systems. We have a tight budget, but we are in the market for an HVAC system that is going to be energy efficient and a good cost. My husband and I picked out the perfect HVAC system for the house, and we are getting it installed next weekend. I’m excited with the new A/C system, because summers are always hot and humid. Our new HVAC system even incorporates a dehumidifier feature. That is supposed to work great with the A/C, because it may help to remove the excess water. The humidity is often what makes the house feel so hot through the summer, so I’m really looking towards seeing how well it will continue to work. The new HVAC system should last us about ten years, so it’s quite a large purchase. I think we are sure to buy a new smart thermostat for our home also. That will enable us remain energy efficient, when none is inside your home.

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HVAC for our cabin

Our neighbors and I rented a cabin for the holidays. This summer we were all spending some of our July 4th together. I discovered a cabin online that would easily sleep ten people. I made sure that we would all have enough sleeping room, a kitchen, and a perfectly working HVAC system. I  rented a residence before now, and I was dismayed by the shape of the HVAC system. This  cabin in particular, boasted a good central air conditioning system. After taking a look at of the pictures, it seemed to be a wonderful location for our trip. I booked it for a full week, and started the packing . When we finally arrived, the views were amazing and breathtaking. I wanted to grab my camera and start snapping pictures. We walked all around the cabin and we found it well stocked indeed. I was already feeling bit muggy in the cabin, so I looked for the thermostat and flipped on the HVAC system. The HVAC system was a pretty small HVAC system,but it did the trick as if by magic. We set the thermostat down to 70 degrees, but then we had to readjust it, because it was feeling too cold inside. Our whole vacation was fun and exciting. It was a lot better, due to the wonderful HVAC system which the cabin was outfitted with. All of us left several positive reviews on their home away page, so that other people could see this wonderful location and make some good memories of their own.

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Movies and cooling

    Last night I decided to go see a new movie. I haven’t been to the theater in quite a while, and I didn’t have anything to do last night. I went by myself because I was craving some alone time. The movie I saw was fair, but it wasn’t as good as all the critics had been saying. I thought it was actually a little bit boring, and the acting wasn’t that great either. Still, I’d have enjoyed the night more had the air conditioner not been malfunctioning, in the theater. After the first part of the movie, the A/C quit completely. I realized what happened when a maintenance staff member came in to check on the HVAC system, while I was watching the movie. I figured that it would be a quick fix and I kept watching the film. The movie was three-quarters of the way through when the air conditioner finally started working again. I had to spend an hour in the heat, and it made it hard for me to enjoy myself. At the end of the movie, the manager in the theater, came in and told everyone they would be offered one free ticket, because they had to endure the broken air conditioner. I thought this was a nice gesture because it’s poor business to make a customer sit in a less than enjoyable place. Maybe the next time, I will use the free ticket to go see something different. I hope that they have the bugs worked out of their HVAC unit at that time.

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Air purification for allergies

    I can’t stand spring or fall, considering that’s when my allergies start giving me the most issues. I’ve always had these health problems commence  when there is pollen in the air and the temperatures are changing.  I start experiencing symptoms, such as a scratchy throat, a runny nostrils, and itchy eyes. I have to ensure that my air conditioner is always doing its work well to eliminate these problems, as much as possible. Something else I had done,  years ago, was have an air purifier installed to my HVAC system. The air purifier make certain there is a minimal amount of moisture in the air, and this keeps me fairly healthy, even when I’m having allergy issues. I’ve got the air purifier installed when a friend of mine, who experiences similar health problems, informed me that it had made her feel a lot better. Now, I rarely have to deal with the problems that I once did. I think that everyone, who struggles with allergies, should be aware of the importance of maintaining their own HVAC systems. Ensuring that there is not too much dust and dirt circulating in the house repeatedly, is an important step up staying healthy. Maybe doctors should pair up with HVAC companies, to make sure people are more aware of this approach. I know that I might have benefited from knowing this in the past. I lived in an apartment for years, and I had no idea that an air purifier would have made it easier for me to be able to breathe, through the changing seasons.

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Wedding Heating Issues

All I ever dreamed of when I was a little was a winter wonderland wedding. I wanted to walk down an isle of snow surrounded by little white twinkle lights. In my vision it was amazing, it reality it was a logistics nightmare. It turns out that not everyone thought it was amazing as I did either. The first thing we needed to do was to bring in portable heaters to stand on the side of each isle of guests chairs. It sounded simple enough, but it certainly didn’t look very pretty! The wedding coordinator assured me that we needed to keep our guest somewhat heated or it would be pretty bad resulting in people leaving for the ceremony to go into the hall where the HVAC heating systems were working at full speed and cozy warm! Again, in theory this all sound well and good. On the day of my wedding, everything that could go wrong actually went wrong! The portable electric heaters were flickering on and off by the side of the guests barely giving off any heat. And as she predicted people were going in and out of the hall to get warm and then come back out to hear the ceremony. The basic flow was completely thrown off and I was a bit sad. Once the ceremony was over, I thought  maybe we could rebound with the reception, but then as if my luck was shot, there were more problems with the indoor heating system. People were so cold that they were trying to warm people up faster than was realistic. And before we knew it a huge crash came from the back room and the entire HVAC system shutdown making it colder inside than it was outside! It was a total disaster.

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Smart App Saves Monty

I love my sister with all my heart, but she is not the brightest in the bunch. Her forgetfulness is enough to drive any person insane having to experience it! I just don’t understand why she remember basic things from turning off the lights in a room, to leaving food out on the counter having it go to waste and then the worst offense of all always leaving the air conditioning or heating unit on when she leaves the house. How do you forget this basic thing after you see your utility bill coming back high each month? I have talked to her about it on so many occasions and she always responds that she needs to call the HVAC technician for help. Well, I finally lost my patience one day and did it for her, while she was at work. I told him that she was the most forgetful person ever there was and always leaving her thermostat turned on, did he have any ideas of how to help. Sure enough, he explained to me about the new Smart App  you can put on your phone and works through the thermostat, so that when you forget your heating or cooling unit turned on or even if it’s off and you need to turn it on a hot day to cool the house before you get home, this new smart app can allow you to take care of this from wherever you are at that moment. This was an unbelievable new invention that I thought was perfect. But I am smarter than that to think my sister would still understand. So, I actually had the HVAC company instal it on my phone and big sister will be watching over little sister from now on.


Rats in the HVAC ducts

A few months ago, we had some gross visitors in my attic. Rats decided to take up residence in my HVAC ducts located in the attic. You should hope that these nasty critters never take over your air conditioning system. The nasty little guys decided to try and make nests in the HVAC ducts this winter. Of course, this wasn’t a problem until the incredibly hot summer rolled around. Our attic is tiny so it’s difficult to go up there and check on the HVAC ducts so I didn’t really get around to it in a while. This morning, I decided to be brave and go up there and see how bad the damage was. The first thing I noticed was how nice and cool the attic was. Next, I started noticing all the little tiny holes all over the HVAC ducts. There were several small holes and a couple giant ones. The attic is so small, that there’s no way I can fit up there to fix all of the little holes. Not to mention cleaning out  all of the disgusting rat feces. I left some rat poison up there for a few days and I am hoping that will take care of all the critters but the ducts are still very dirty and I don’t want to be breathing in air that filthy. I am guessing that we will need to hire a professional HVAC cleaning company and/or an exterminator to deal with this issue. I am sure it is going to be extremely expensive. It’s amazing how much these tiny creatures can cost you.

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A/C is too cold

I recently moved back in with my parents. I really want to save money and be able to travel the world and this was the best way to do so. It’s not terrible living with my parents. They work full-time and have their own hobbies so they aren’t home that much. They don’t treat me like a child anymore. But they do give me chores and make me help out around the house often. This month, I was tasked to help out with the maintenance of the house’s HVAC system like changing out the filters. The air conditioning system at my parents’ house works well. Well actually it works too well. When it’s on for more than an hour, it feels like a freezer. Even though the thermostat says 70 degrees, the house if so cold. I usually just turn off the air conditioner when it gets too cold, but then my parents yell at me for forgetting to have it on when they get home from work in the evening. My mother also says that when the house warms up again, the air conditioner has to work harder to cool it back down and that runs up the electricity bill. She insists on having the air conditioner running all day everyday even though the house is freezing. I told her I think she should hire an HVAC technician to come and look at it.  She tells me to just put on a sweater.  I really think she’s wrong, but since this is her house, I am not allowed to disagree with her. I guess I will have to suffer in the frozen tundra that is my parents’ house until I can save enough money to travel to a tropical country.

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A recent piece on the local TV news really made my day! It was about a 93 year old man whose daughter had been unable to reach him by telephone. After 2 days, she became worried and called the police in his town to ask them to make a “wellness check” on him. The two officers who were dispatched around 9 PM found the elderly man asleep on his 2-person porch swing. They gently woke him up and asked if he was OK. He told them that his air-conditioner had broken several days ago and his house had become unbearably hot. He had been spending his days sitting reading on his porch and had now started sleeping out there, as well. The outside temperature at that time was 78 degrees, but when the police went inside, they found that it was a sweltering 93. His only air-conditioning was an ancient window unit in the living room and the police confirmed that it was indeed broken. They left his house and immediately went to an all-night big box store and bought a window unit out of their own pockets and went right back and installed it. The old man couldn’t thank them enough, and they felt better knowing that he would be able to sleep in his own bed again. That’s not the end of the story, however. The clerks at the store told their manager what the policemen had done. The next day, he called his son, who owned a local HVAC company, and arranged to have a ductless mini-split system installed in the elderly man’s home that day so that he could enjoy comfortable coolness in every room of his house. This brought tears to the old man’s eyes, and I have to admit to my own as well.

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