Maintenance Issue with the HVAC

I pride myself on really taking care of the day to day responsibilities that come with taking care of a house and all that goes along with it. Over the years I have run into really serious problems from window weather stripping where we were losing our heat on a regular basis to basement flooding that put our boiler and furnace heat in grave danger of a breakdown. I knew the cost of damages that could occur is you simply ignore the basics of one’s HVAC maintenance schedule. When decided to instal this fancy central and heating cooling system, we knew that it needed more care than others, so we made a schedule with our local provider on when our vents needed to be checked, how often the air filters needed a deep clean to actually being changed out and our ductwork was going to need stripping every so often. In order to get the best possible pricing overall and have the HVAC unit pay for itself as promised on our first assessment when we were researching the system, we decided to go with the maintenance package that had the free service, so it would not have to be this constant worry. Well, this week it was like pulling teeth to get to talk to a person at the main office to send someone out for our regular quarterly service without being billed for the extra air filters and ductwork stripping that needed to be done. I was losing my patience beyond belief until finally a manager confirmed my plan and apologized for the new worker’s lack of knowledge.

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Before winter, service your heater

Before winter hits, it is important to get your heating systems serviced. On the coldest days of winter, you want to be able to turn on your furnace and it be ready to go. Your first and best bet to get ready for the winter season is to call an HVAC technician to come over and check the furnace and heating systems. It is very important that an HVAC technician inspect everything thoroughly. During a regular maintenance inspection, the HVAC technician will change the filter on the furnace, clean the furnace, and check for bad gases or leaks. He will also check to make sure everything works well, and if you can afford it, you should really have the HVAC technician clean out the furnace ducts. Here are some things you can do to get your furnace ready for winter. Check the furnace filters every month to every three months. Stock up on furnace filters during the warmer seasons, as you can usually find good deals. Make sure there are no loose items to close to the furnace that could catch fire. If you have a gas furnace, call up your gas company and ask them to fill the furnace up.  If you have hot water radiators, be sure to bleed the valves before the winter season. Your furnace should be safe, operational and ready to use before winter hits. You don’t want to be in for an unpleasant surprise in winter when you go to turn your furnace on, but you want everything to be in great working order.


Medical Issue and Heating Systems

My father-in-law has been dealing with some pretty severe health issues for some time. We offered him to come live with is as he was adamant that he didn’t want live in any kind of assisted living facility. I didn’t really think about how this would work in its entirety, but I figured how hard could it really be? I soon found out, it was going to be my biggest challenge no doubt. I didn’t realize that he was on so many different medications, all that did something different for him and all that reacted even more strangely in his system. My husband came home the other day with a portable box air conditioner, a free-standing fan and then an electric portable heater on wheels. I asked him why he had bought all of these things and he told me that his dad’s medications changed his blood to the point he would go back and forth from hot to severely cold all in a day! We never thought to install a heating and air conditioning system before this since we live in a relatively balanced climate. Well, after the first of the bills came through since he has been living with us, I told my husband that we should really get an HVAC technician out to the house to assess our needs. I really felt that we could be doing better to save on heating and cooling costs through more effective and efficient energy usage through an HVAC system rather than using the several different forms we had offered him when he moved in.

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Sharing Utilities to Cut Heating Costs

I decided to take a job this year alongside my studies. I knew it was going to be a big undertaking, but I was really hoping to not spend yet another year completely broke once the school year ended. I just moved into a new living situation with a few roommates. I thought if I shared the expenses with others it would also cut down on my costs. Ideally, this was supposed to be a helpful thing mostly with utilities as air conditioning and heating can really climb pretty high in the winter or summer seasons. But, I seem to have found roommates who do not understand the basic common courtesy of utilities. My only thought is that they haven’t really had to pay for many of their expenses the way they simply leave on the heating and air conditioning units whenever they please. There is no understand that these actually in fact cost a great deal of money and even divided by all of the roommates, I am still paying out more than I could afford. I thought it would be wise to call a house meeting in order to explain the basics of heating and air condition, by way of actually turning off the thermostat when it’s not in use or better yet, barely using it. Most times the weather isn’t cold or hot enough to need to switch on HVAC unit. This seemed to be all a new concept for them and I really hoped they heard me so we could get our heating and air conditioning bill down to a reasonable cost.

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Pond Hockey

I grew up in a crazy hockey family. Every family seems to have their thing: some like football, some golf, some like other things entirely. Well, mine was hockey. My dad is sixty years old and still plays hockey twice a week, my brother and I both played growing up, and all three of us referee in the winter time as well. However, there is no better hockey than hockey on a frozen pond. There is just something about it–the cold, the freedom, who knows. My brother, dad and I always try to get a few games of pond hockey in before it snows and we cannot skate on the pond ice anymore. This winter, we had a lot of time on the pond before it snowed. The pond is a little bit of a drive from our house, and by the end of the night, it is absolutely freezing. The cold goes right through you, but it is so fun you do not really notice. Although playing on the pond is awesome, it is so nice to get in the truck and blast the heat when you finish. I take my skates off and put my feet right up against the heating vents, because they are so cold it feels like my toes are going to fall off. Usually, someone will get out and start the truck up a few minutes before we get in so that we can turn the heat all the way up. This way, when we get in, it is nice and warm for us already. Then, we blast the heat all the way home so that we can actually feel our limbs by the end of the drive. The heating system in my dad’s car is awesome, and the car heats up really fast, thankfully. Even if there were no heat though, we would still play out on the pond. It is the best part about winter for me and I would not give it up.

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No A/C, No Air

I live in one of the hottest cities in the country, in my opinion. I have lived all over the place in my lifetime, but nowhere even comes close to how hot this place is. A lot of it is just the sun itself, bearing down on the city and making the pavement scorching hot. During the day, no one walks on the side of the street where the sun is shining, and I mean no one. Everyone walks in the shade. Getting out of the sun helps, but it does not do enough. It is still unbelievably hot. I live on the fourth floor of my apartment building, and during the summer, it feels like there is actually no air in my apartment. I do not have air conditioning, and it truly is hard to even breathe in there sometimes. Open or closed windows–it does not matter. Nothing helps when it is that hot outside without having an air conditioner. I do not even want central air conditioning, it would be too expensive. But if I could just afford a small one to put in my room, I would be so happy. However, I definitely do not make enough money, and I always tell myself that this true, unbearable heat only lasts for a few months. However, it is always awful, and next year I need to make a point of saving enough money to buy an air conditioner, because I do not think I can even live through another summer like this.


Great cooling in my apartment

The south is known for its ridiculous summer season heat, despite the fact that I do not think a single can absolutely understand until a single gets a home there. I moved to the south this year, and I have been making my home here for about 2 months. Now, it is the dead of July, and I have to say, people were not lying about the heat! It is the worst heat I have ever experienced in our entire existence. There are afternoons when you cannot even leave your condo because the world does not have air conditioning outside. It is not even dry heat, it is incredibly dense and moist, which is the worst kind in my opinion. Thankfully, most places here are air conditioned. I do not think it would be possible to make my home here otherwise. This is why so multiple people in this region of the country are overweight I think, because all they can do in the June and July is kneel inside in the air conditioning because it is too bloody hot to go outside! There is nothing more annoying around here than leaving the comfort of your air conditioned condo and stepping outside, only to be immediately drenched in sweat from the humidity and heat. It is hideous. I am so glad that our little residence is air conditioned, but even so, I do not think I will be wanting to make my home here for another summer season. I had our experience, and now I am over it! Hopefully wherever I head off to next, it is so chilly that I have to blast our heater from November to March, this would be a welcome delight for me.

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No Air conditioning in Summer classes

If you have ever needed to take summer season classes, you suppose how awful they are. Sadly, I am taking a single right now. It is the absolute worst. I leave work, and instead of being about to go to the beach with all of our friends who are having shenanigans, I have to go to class. I do not get any respite from reality this summer season, unlike all of them. My class is on a Monday, can you even stand it? During our summer season, I have to go to class on Monday morning. What a life. This is not even the most hideous space about the class, although it is pretty awful. The worst characteristic is that it is long and there is absolutely no air conditioning in the building, but absolutely zero. This means that all of us, including the professor, are profusely dripping with sweat for three hours, but yep, it is a three hour class. It is hard enough to pay attention in class when it is a hot day during the actual university fall semester, but to live without a/c during the summer season? Absolute nightmare. Knowing that all of our friends are out having fun, or rather, are resting from the fun the night before, and I am taking notes in class separate from cooling system with furnace level heat outside and inside. Fortunately, because of the building’s lack of a/c, our professor usually cuts us loose early. At least I get a single night of fun on Saturday! I just wish the summer course had cooling system, it would make everything so much more bearable.

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Ownership and HVAC equipment

I recently jumped into the world of condo ownership after 27 years of skillfully avoiding it! It’s not something I easily wanted, but my Grandpa died plus left me his house. At first I was excited about the concept of owning a house with so many precious memories, then I remembered he had lived there for over 60 years + my heart sank knowing the task that would be needed. I decided I would try to fix it up enough to sell, since it was just too much responsibility for me to own it  right now. The moment I walked in I knew I would need help. I had to call out many kinds of surveyors plus house assessors, for I wasn’t sure how stable it was to live there let alone sell the place. The worst news came from the Heating, Ventilation, + A/C service man who spent three hours assessing the heating + a/c units. I should have known that it was coming, but it still shocked me. Apparently, the air vents were so badly caked that they were stuck closed. The repair man knew that once they opened them that all the grime, dust plus dirt would take days and nights to wash out plus upgrade all with many brand new air filters. Then, when they went on to clean the ductwork, it was as bad as I thought it would be plus was totally infested with dead potato bugs, silverfish plus even a snake! He told us that it would have to be totally gutted + replaced. I was starting to wonder if burning down this new condo down was a better choice than replacing the Heating, Ventilation, + A/C system! It was definitely cheaper. But, heck, the ceiling fans worked.

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Repair on the HVAC system

I am the manager of operations of an entire shopping mall in a rural city. I make sure everything runs smoothly + regularly for the entire shopping mall. For when there is any type of major issue, every store owner comes knocking down my door when company is lost. So, you can feel my stress when on 1 of the hottest nights  of the year our Heating, Ventilation, + A/C heating + cooling plan was going in + out! This was not good at all. You simply can’t shop in the type of muggy heat that our small neighborhood see’s on a heatwave without a/c. I called the local Heating, Ventilation, + A/C service provider to send a team over to the mall right away, but it turns out that this record breaking hot temperatures had many people in the same position as we were, + it wasn’t going to be right away. The stores weren’t totally overheated yet, but the managers were genuinely calling me with panic, stress, plus worry that their air conditioners were not still working regularly. I told them I was working on it, but easily there was nothing much more I could do as we watched the customers all starting to leave the mall. And at some point if we didn’t get the main Heating, Ventilation, + A/C unit that connects directly into all the stores running normally, we were going to actually have to shut down the entire mall for it would then become a health hazard with having no air circulation going through the vents whatsoever. You just can’t breathe that stagnant air plus it can get pretty dangerous. After searching through the office files, I did find the culprit as the last manager of operations cut the maintenance budget which left the Heating, Ventilation, + A/C plan without a servicer, which I had no idea about before.

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